A New Chapter

I just posted this in the NCGIA Groomer Survival Guide – a private FB group. Then thought I’d post it here as well. It is appropriate…. Well, we just finished Day 2 of our very last school session. What a great group of ladies here! Canadians are rocking it by being the majority. Three from Canada, […]

A Lesson in Every Cat Groom – Part 2

A brown mac tabby DLH named Zachary was brought in last week for grooming. Seeing Zach again reminded me of several lessons when it comes to the grooming or handling of cats. First, make sure all carriers or cat crates are securely fastened when transporting a cat. The reason I say this is that the […]

A Lesson in Every Cat Groom- Part 1

It’s been a while since I’ve done any salon-style grooming. Due to the nature of my work over the past few years my cat grooming has been confined to seminars, workshops and stage demos.  Sometimes I wonder if I’ve still got it. Could I still handle a salon day filled with all sorts of kitties, […]

Using Restraints

Using Restraints “Using Restraints” by Lynn Paolillo is one of the featured articles of the spring issue of Purrfect Pointers magazine, due to hit NCGIA member mailboxes late February. This is the 2nd edition of the world’s one and only magazine for cat groomers. And I think it’s beautiful!             […]

Salon Tours

Here is the latest video salon tour in the “Danelle Drops In” series. You can view my visits with various CFMGs around the world by visiting the “Danelle Drops In” page on the NCGIA website. It’s always fun to see where and how other cat groomers work! More salon tours coming soon!


We just finished up our October 2014 school session at the National Cat Groomers School. We are 1 session away from wrapping up our 5th year of being in business as a school (the NCGIA has been around since 2007). I am amazed. I all too clearly remember that dreary November day in 2009 when […]

May I?

In July I had the pleasure of speaking at the Grooming Festival in Birmingham, England. The show was produced by Groomers Limited and featured keynote speakers, Jodi Murphy and myself. It was a whirlwind of a weekend with a fantastic group of people who made us feel like rockstars when we were first introduced out on […]

Purrfect Ending to Another Week

Yesterday at the NCGIA, Lynn and I finished off our work day by unloading 330 lbs of freight delivered to our door. On the pallet, packed neatly into small boxes, was the inaugural edition of our Purrfect Pointers Magazine! We could hardly wait to tear into the boxes to see this new magazine for the […]

Growing Pains!

I wanted to post this great write up about Zoom Zoom Groom owned by Connie Buchanan, CFMG from Canada. I’ll be there in September for some training and the open house event of the new cat grooming facility. You know the cat grooming industry is growing when more and more dog grooming professionals are adding separate […]

Magazine for Cat Groomers

I’m super excited about our next project: turning our quarterly newsletter in a 32-page full-color magazine! Our Purrfect Pointers publication is growing by the day to include even more content than ever before. And it will be delivered straight to your physical mailbox if you are a current NCGIA member! Here’s a sneak peak at the […]