May I?

In July I had the pleasure of speaking at the Grooming Festival in Birmingham, England. The show was produced by Groomers Limited and featured keynote speakers, Jodi Murphy and myself. It was a whirlwind of a weekend with a fantastic group of people who made us feel like rockstars when we were first introduced out on […]

Purrfect Ending to Another Week

Yesterday at the NCGIA, Lynn and I finished off our work day by unloading 330 lbs of freight delivered to our door. On the pallet, packed neatly into small boxes, was the inaugural edition of our Purrfect Pointers Magazine! We could hardly wait to tear into the boxes to see this new magazine for the […]

Growing Pains!

I wanted to post this great write up about Zoom Zoom Groom owned by Connie Buchanan, CFMG from Canada. I’ll be there in September for some training and the open house event of the new cat grooming facility. You know the cat grooming industry is growing when more and more dog grooming professionals are adding separate […]

Magazine for Cat Groomers

I’m super excited about our next project: turning our quarterly newsletter in a 32-page full-color magazine! Our Purrfect Pointers publication is growing by the day to include even more content than ever before. And it will be delivered straight to your physical mailbox if you are a current NCGIA member! Here’s a sneak peak at the […]

Finding a Cat Groomer

Once you’ve decided that your feline needs some professional grooming attention, you will most likely go online to begin searching for the purrfect place to provide your kitty with a spa treatment. You may be surprised to find that many groomers do not groom cats.  The groomers that do offer cat grooming services are few […]

Cat Spa Services

So you live with a cat, or two (or three) and there’s cat hair everywhere! It’s on your clothes, your bed, the living room furniture, the kitchen counter…….pretty much everywhere.  And your cat is shredding the furniture with his claws. Or maybe you just got a new sweater with a thread pulled from the sleeve […]

Well, Why Not?

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Felines are exquisite creatures. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be loved by a cat knows this. The cat makes sure if it.   Cats are definitely unique in their behavior and attitudes. They are special, they know they are special, and they are very good at making sure no one ever forgets it. Unlike […]

Before She Speaks (parody)

And this one is from my “Carrie Underwood” entry in 2010 that won several awards at a show in Knoxville and the creative runway comp in Dallas.  I might have to resurrect this one some day……when I can find the time. So here’s a parody that pretty much EVERY groomer can relate to. (PS. It […]

My Lifelong Dream (parody)

A few years ago I entered the first ever “Groomers Got Talent” competition at Hershey Groom Expo. I was so excited because, prior to that, I had not been allowed to compete in any type of grooming competition due to rules about speakers or cats or both. So big deal, it was a talent competition […]

Who Grooms Cats and WHY?

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Who Grooms Cats and WHY? The second follow-up to my State of the Cat Grooming Industry article published in’s 2014 State of the Industry Report.   What makes a cat groomer successful? Some might say it’s all about location. Others will say that it’s more about the level of confidence or skill. I would […]