The National Cat Groomers Institute of America, Inc. opened the nation’s first feline-exclusive grooming school January 25, 2010!

Where:    701 Pendleton Street Greenville, SC 29601

What: Each 2 week course includes pet First Aid/CPR, curriculum package, and a complete series of instruction to teach confident cat handling, thorough knowledge of cat breeds, colors, and coat types, the skills necessary to perform all cat grooming elements including breed specific trims, some creative styling instruction, and information useful for building and growing a cat clientele.  The 2 week course is geared toward equipping each student to pass their certification exams and obtain their CFMG title by course end.

All graduates of the National Cat Groomers Institute who earn their CFMG will be eligible for participation in our Dirty Hair Project, where your trash is worth its weight in gold. Literally!

If you are interested in becoming a graduate of the NCGIA, either download the Student Catalogue or  submit an interest form so we can send you one in the mail.

Earn $200 in “Cat Cash” by referring students to the school.  Offer available to all former students!