School – Day 4

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Day Four

Dear Diary,

Groom, groom, groom! Today was nothing but grooming! My first two cats actually belong to Dana, the office administrator, so there was no pressure. You know, I just mess up their grooms, and she hates me. No big deal.

When I worriedly told her I would do my best to not ruin their grooms, she laughed and reminded me that I’m a student. Like Danelle told us, we’re here to learn to how to groom, not show everyone what we already know. If we could do it well without practice, then what was the point of us being there?

Ok, well, if Dana isn’t worried about it, then I won’t let it worry me either. Her two girls were litter mates, both getting comb cuts. Neither of them have tails at all, so Danelle showed me how to leave a “bunny tail” that looked just adorable!

My other cat for the day was Monica, Danelle’s red tabby and white Persian who manages things at the school. She has been keeping an eye on us during lectures, making sure no one is passing notes during class or anything. Oh, and she has even helped me ‘take notes’ by lying across my notebook and gently swishing her tail in my face as if to say “why is no one petting me?”

I expected her to be an easy bath and groom, since she should be used to it by now. That’s what I get for violating the cardinal rule of cat grooming: Never trust a cat! As soon as I sat her on my table to clip her nails, she ran away! I had to chase her to the bathing room where she casually turned towards me, ignoring her attempted escape and proclaiming her innocence.

Once I managed to get her bathed and into the CSV, I found a few matts in her coat. Danelle showed me how to remove them and then had me do it in front of her. Well, guess who did it wrong? No, Diary, it was me who got wrong. Are you even paying attention to what’s going on here?

Anyway, it’s a good thing she’s so patient, because it took me quite a bit to figure out dematting. It makes me feel better about coming to the school. Even with Danelle showing me how to do it, I still didn’t get it right on the first try. I wouldn’t have known I was doing it wrong, either, had she not been standing there to help. Poor Monica was so patient while I tried to “flick it, don’t pick it.” No wonder she ran away from me!

Well, I’m off to study. We have our breed presentations and temperament and handling exam in the morning!

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  1. Alyssa F says:

    Another great post Kelcie! Can’t wait to read more, and hopefully see some groom pictures! 🙂

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