There have been some exciting stuff going on here at NCGI and in the cat grooming industry and I want to make sure you’ve been checking out all the available resources.
So, I’ve rounded up 5 things for you to read, watch and take action on!
– Lynn Paolillo, CFMG, CFCG, NCGI Certifier/Instructor

5 Cat Grooming Resources Just For You

#1: How to Get and Keep Cat Clients – Brand New Webinar!
Join Danelle for this totally free webinar and learn her secrets for building a cat grooming clientele so you can have a profitable business.
#2: Why Would I Want to Add Cat Grooming to My Dog Grooming Business?
NCGI Certifier Connie Buchanan has created a free E-Book for groomers who are interested in the details, cost and potential profit in adding cat grooming to their existing business. Get your free e-book at the Apex Academy website, and make sure to check out their hands-on cat grooming intensive course as well!
#3: What Clippers & Blades Work Best on Cat Hair?
Watch the live video Danelle did recently on Facebook answering all your questions about tools and equipment for shaving cats and working with cat hair.
#4: Customer Service Tips, Even When Fluffy is a Psycho
Going along with our free webinar I mentioned above, Certified Feline Master Groomer River Lee has written an excellent article on how to remain professional even when your client has unreasonable expectations or if the cat was acting up that appointment.Check it out at Savvy Groomer!
#5: Scrub a Dub Dub, Kitties in the Tub
The students currently working their way through the Bootcamp program have been hard at work on Week 6: Bathing and Drying. Several have taken the plunge to bath their own (sometimes elderly) cats for the very first time! So far through the program,
  • Learned about temperaments, breeds, health and more
  • Planned out their tools, equipment and setup
  • Started taking written exams towards certification
  • And shared their progress in the student Facebook group
Are you ready to join them on your own journey to becoming a cat grooming expert? Your first step is to sign up for the Complete Cat Groomer Training Syllabus. This will get you all the materials you’ll need to learn cat grooming from A to Z and to gain access to the 10-week Bootcamp program our students work through. Click below to join!
P.S. Did you know that we offer payment plans for the Syllabus program? AND if you have purchased any study materials from NCGI in the past, you may be eligible for credit towards your Syllabus purchase! Reply to this email for more details.
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