Get a tour of PreZoomably Cats in Regina, SK with Connie Buchanan, CFMG. Connie is one of the NCGIA Canadian certifiers and also offers a cat grooming school program based on the NCGIA curriculum.

Connie Buchanan

Part of the Danelle Drops In series by the NCGIA, Inc. Danelle drops in on Connie Buchanan, CFMG and owner of Zoom Zoom Groom and PreZoomably Cats in Regina, SK.

Connie and her team of amazing CFMGs are available for hands-on instruction and can administer practical exams for you to earn your Certified Feline Master Groomer title as well! Find out more about them at Apex Academy

Get started on your cat grooming journey from anywhere in the world with our Cat Groomer Training Syllabus!

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