The National Cat Groomers Institute developed it’s first online courses in August 2015, being the first organization in the industry to offer remote training through a series of comprehensive online courses built from content gathered during our years of operating the world’s only feline-exclusive grooming school.

Some online courses are free to all, some are free to NCGIA members, some are exclusively for CFMGs, and all others are paid courses that anyone can purchase and participate in at their convenience. Once bought, they are owned for a lifetime with no expiration date, truly offering the ultimate in personal convenience.

While nothing replaces what can be learned through hands-on instruction by an instructor with live cats, the NCGIA courses lay the perfect foundation needed to master the art of understanding feline temperament as well as learning the handling skills necessary to work with all sorts of felines and develop the necessary confidence needed to be successful. This is truly at the heart of the NCGIA’s worldwide success since its inception in May 2007. Our courses include mastery of various grooming styles, clipper techniques, product and tool usage best suited to cats, knowing when to make the right decisions for each and every client’s cat, and discovering the invaluable knowledge that allows a groomer to communicate effectively with clients in order to build a healthy, growing cat grooming business with clients on a 4-6 week schedule.

Simply put we guarantee our courses to be the very best the industry has to offer, providing real training in the art of feline grooming. Because we know you groom real cats! Since we do too, and we’ve made a lifelong career out of building a world-wide cat empire with folks just like you, we bring you the absolute best. Guaranteed!

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