Deborah Hansen, CFMG and owner of Kitty’s Purrfect Spa in Santa Clarita, CA has built a very successful house call cat grooming business over the past few years. One of Deborah’s primary goals when building her business from ground zero was to implement a regular booking schedule that would encourage all clients to keep their kitties in fabulous shape and help ensure Deborah could better manage her daily schedule. The pre-booking programs found in this course are the result of a lot of thought and effort on Deborah’s part to do exactly that. In this course, she shares her methods, programs, and option to purchase her forms, if desired.

Deborah explains what is in her programs, why they work, and provides the tools needed to create your own programs. If you have the time, graphic design skill, and legal/contract knowledge you can take what she shares in this course and create your own forms to use with clients. To make things super easy and effective, the option to access Deborah’s forms is made available in the last activity.

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