Happy Cat Customer Brochures


Promote your business and educate your clients. Great for giving to first-time clients, those that don’t listen to your rebook instructions, or for handing out at veterinarian offices, other grooming salons, and more!



Many times cat owners do not understand the causes of matting in their cat’s coat. Nor do they know how to prevent it. A Groomed Cat is a Happy Cat brochure explains both in detail, letting the customer know the risks involved when their cat is allowed to become matted. The brochure encourages regular, professional cat grooming in order to prevent matting and the possible risks associated with it.

Let the Happy Cat brochures do the selling for you as they encourage cat owners to seek out regular, professional cat grooming. The brochures have space on the back panel for your salon’s contact info.

These brochures will more than pay for themselves if just one new customer becomes a regular one.

Available in the following quantities:
50 $19.97
100 $32.97
300 $85.97
500 $135.97

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