Complete Cat Groomer Training Syllabus PAYMENT PLAN


The Complete Training Syllabus includes instructional material needed to become a skilled and confident cat groomer and prepare for CFMG certification, whether a beginner or a seasoned groomer.

The Syllabus includes 17 online courses and 2 textbooks.

Items contained in the Syllabus can be purchased separately. When purchased separately, total cost for all is $1895.

You get an interest-free plan of 3 payments spaced 30 days apart. If payments are missed, then the remaining program items will not longer be available at the discounted rate included with the Syllabus bundle price.

With each payment, you’ll receive items in this order:

Payment #1: Ultimate Cat Groomer Encyclopedia, Cat Handling Techniques book, Get a Grip, Here Kitty Kitty, Cat with a Mat, The Comb Cut and the first 4 weeks of Cat Grooming Basics
Payment #2: The Bath: Why and How, Nail Trims & Soft Paws, Written Exam Certification Prep, and (3) Study Aids online courses (so you can start studying and taking your written exams!)
Payment #3: The Lion Cut, Grooming the Aggressive Cat, Face Trim, Senior Cats, Marketing 101 and Business Development online courses
There is no time limit on the Syllabus program or any of the materials included with it. Once purchased, you get lifetime access!
NOTE: free shipping does not apply to the Syllabus payment plan. Shipping will be applied to the first payment only. To avoid shipping costs, purchase the complete Syllabus in a single payment.


Get started on your way to becoming a super confident cat groomer, equipped to handle any situation. You’ll be the cat groomer hero everyone in town raves about!

“I’ve been able to shorten my times significantly since starting classes. I was able to get two aggressive cats done (one bath and one lion cut) done in one hour. The first kitty was one everyone has kicked out because she was too aggressive. I was able to keep her mostly calm and she only attempted to bite once, but I was able to get her to relax and finish her. I’m pretty proud of myself!”

The Complete Training Syllabus includes instructional material needed to become a skilled and confident cat groomer and prepare for CFMG certification, whether a beginner or a seasoned groomer. We believe that the path to awesome cat grooming should NEVER be paved with guesswork. That is just plain dangerous! By having a proven method to follow for each and every cat, the results can be done completely, with confidence, and with beautiful results.

The Syllabus includes access to our private student Facebook group, online courses, and 2 textbooks.

Shipping is FREE worldwide, EXCEPT to New Zealand and Australia (because of discontinued USPS shipping services to those countries). A digital version of the books will be provided to eliminate the need to ship anything.

Upon purchase, books will be shipped* (to all countries except New Zealand and Australia) and you will receive admission links by email to the online courses.

(Note: Items contained in the Syllabus can be purchased separately. When purchased separately, total cost for all is $1895 + shipping.)

Items included:
1. Cat Grooming Basics – Foundation to Success, the core foundation course to the entire program containing classes, demonstrations and more from our former cat grooming school program. This course unlocks in two parts, with full access available after 4 weeks.

2. The Ultimate Cat Groomer Encyclopedia, the most comprehensive cat grooming book on the market containing 180+ pages of grooming technique explanations, criteria for making good groom choice decisions, help with improving speed and confidence, methods for gaining new clients, and more!

3. Written Exam Study Prep course, the necessary study material needed to pass all 4 written certification exams.

4. Temperament and Handling Study Aids course, a supplemental guide to mastering the foundational aspects of identifying and understanding feline temperaments to aid with solo handling and confident grooming.

5. Health and Anatomy Study Aids course. a supplemental guide intended to help wtih preparing one for the corresponding written exam.

6. Breeds, Colors and Coat Types Study Aids course. providing helpful tips and explanations to aid in passing the corresponding written exam.

7. Here Kitty Kitty video, a 2-hour seminar presentation that includes demonstrations of a Persian groom as well as a lion cut groom.

8. Get a Grip video, with demonstrations and explanations specific to grooming aggressive cats and more!

9. Nail Trims and Soft Paws course, containing complete instructions for swift nail trimming and softpaw applicaiton/removal.

10. The Bath: Why and How course, since the bath is the foundation to every fabulous groom! Discover how to get it right every time and how to overcome the objections that may be encountered.

11. Cat Handling Techniques for the Groomer, a photo-filled book showing various holds to gain access to every part of a cat’s body whether shaving, drying, combing, etc.

12. Cat with a Mat course, includes lessons on how to remove mats and pelts as well as how to prevent these situations.

13. The Lion Cut course, includes demonstration of lion cut and handling techniques on a typical cat.

14. The Comb Cut course, shows the entire comb cut groom including bath, blow dry, de-matting, and comb cut process.

15. The Face Trim course, provides instruction and demonstration on the Persian/Himi face trim including handling techniques.

16. Grooming the Aggressive Cat course, the most comprehensive course ever on handling, grooming, and completing grooms on highly aggressive felines by a single groomer. Includes original Kryptonite for Cats video footage of actual grooming demonstrations of highly fractious felines complete with theory and explanation.

17. Senior Cats course, instruction and demonstrations on how to best handle the special needs presented by elderly cats including those in bad condition or with attitude.

18. Marketing 101 course, provides explanation of online marketing elements necessary to properly and effectively market a grooming business, especially a feline-specific kind.

19. Business Development course, a 3+ hour class recorded during the former cat grooming school program containing a wealth of information for successful business start-up. operations, growth, and management.

*Buyers in Australia/New Zealand will receive a link to a digital course version of the 2 books and the DVDs. If hard copies are preferred, we can invoice for USPS Express shipping separately and send those once the invoice is paid. Currently the only shipping service USPS is offering to those countries is Express service, which is very expensive. We apologize for any inconvenience for an issue that is beyond our control.

Terms and Conditions:
Books can be returned for a refund if shipped back unopened and in new, resalable condition within 30 days. Refund will be based on 50% of retail syllabus pricing plus any additional discounts that may have been given at the time of purchase. A 20% restocking fee and our incurred shipping costs to get the books to you will be deducted from the refund amount. Online or digital materials are nonrefundable.

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