Whether you are certified, have been grooming cats for a number of years, or are fairly new to cat grooming – a refresher is a quick way to get some in-depth help from a fellow cat groomer or Approved Trainer/Certifier. Scheduling a 1 or 2 day refresher is a great way to focus on improving skills in a particular area, for example lion cuts, elderly or challenging cats, solo handling, show prep, etc. Working with another groomer also helps to give you some fresh eyes on your process, time management, space set up and product/tool use.

The NCGI Approved Trainers & Certifiers are prepared for students of any level, and can schedule days of training either in their salons or many are willing to travel to your salon for private instruction and/or workshops. Check the membership map for CFMGs near you that may be open to bouncing ideas around.

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