Hey there! Thanks for joining me for Relax. It’s Just Cat Grooming. I’m Lynn, your host and Instructor with the National Cat Groomers Institute. This is the show where we answer your burning questions about grooming cats and running a successful business doing it. 

In today’s episode I’ll be discussing three questions we get asked all the time:

  1. How to prevent no shows
  2. Improving your comb cuts on cats
  3. What kind of brushes should I use on cats

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This Episode’s Show Notes

How do I get my clients to not no show to their appointment?

Oh gosh, this is specifically painful for both employee groomers and grooming business employers. It is time that we lose and cannot get back. By the time we realize someone has no showed to their appointment, it is often too late to fill that spot. Which means it is lost in time – never to be recovered! Then we’re just sitting around or hoping we can get a later appointment to come in early. So, I want to give you some tips on how to cut down your no shows by half! At least. 

– First, I believe reducing no shows is all about Managing Your Clients Expectations. They need to feel invested in this appointment with you, that it is important, and that it makes a big impact on your business if they can’t make it. 

– List your policies everywhere – website, Facebook, signage (if you have a lobby). But this is only part of the step. Most clients don’t read them and the majority will forget even if they read them once. I want you to consider something. Think of the grocery store that you shop at every week. The one you visit all the time, you’re a regular customer. Now, do you regularly use coupons? If you don’t, could you tell me what their coupon policy is right now without looking it up? And since you most likely don’t remember their policy, would you be unhappy if you went there and couldn’t use a coupon that you thought you could. This is just a roundabout way of saying that just because we deal with something every day, doesn’t mean that it is going to stick out in the minds of our clients. So we have to go over those important things with them throughout the relationship you have with them. Which brings me to my next points:

– Write a script that includes going over policies when scheduling their appointment, then

– Follow up with a confirmation email/booking software that also mentions:

– Operating hours (when can they drop off)

– When do you close (when can they pick up)

– Their appointment time

– Late/Cancellation policies

– Reminder email, text or call that reiterates an overview of the above

– This might seem counter intuitive, but make it easy for them to cancel. I’d rather know as soon as possible if a client needs to cancel or reschedule instead of waiting for them to just not show up at their appointment time. So give them multiple, straightforward ways that they can reach you or even adjust their appointments themselves like through online booking. And just because you HAVE ways for clients to reach you, doesn’t mean that clients can find them easily. Website, social media, voicemail, business listing, and printed materials. Make sure they have several ways to get in touch with you, or to at least let you know of any changes. 

– Remind them AGAIN when they drop off, what time they can pick up

– Finally, get the client involved in their pet’s schedule. What I mean by this is don’t just put down -oh 6 weeks will be a good schedule for Fluffy. When they come in, ask them how the length of time between appointments works for them. If it has been too long in between appointments, talk to them about when they started noticing problems – now this is something they need to notice. For cats this is easy – when did you notice them shedding, how long ago would you say you could feel the sharp nails, have they had any hairballs. Then when the client is talking about time and when they saw these things, that they want you to help them with, is when you discuss scheduling. Ok, so its been about 8 weeks since Fluffy’s last appointment and you said you noticed her start to shed pretty heavily about a week or two ago. Let’s move up her appointment a bit to 6 weeks so we can nip that in the bud for you. Takes some extra time, but that investment on your part will reinforce the investment on their part, especially if you are a specialty or have a business with a higher price point.

How to make comb cuts look good

– Squeaky clean, down to the skin

– Blown dry and combed out, not a little bit, a lotta bit

– Equipment upgrades: clipper vac or hair vac, powerhouse clipper with comb attachment

– Check out tutorial in the April Groomer to Groomer magazine

What kind of brushes do you use on cats

– Brushes? Pfft. I got something even better – combs! Combs are going to give you that beautiful finish every time. Brushes tend to be too harsh on delicate cat skin, or they are too gentle and won’t do anything.

– One brush for SH cats – Zoom Groom

– Combs combs combs. I love CC combs, because they last and last. Body comb, Cat comb (nothing like it), Face and feet comb

That wraps us up for this episode of Relax. It’s Just Cat Grooming, if you have questions or comments please add them below – if you have a question you’d like us to address on a future episode you can email me at [email protected]. Thanks for watching, see you soon!

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