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We have a variety of study materials that have been used by thousands of students to improve their cat grooming skills and knowledge. See some of our products below or click here to see our full catalogue.

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Each of our online courses comes jam-packed with a variety of resources including lectures, articles, video demonstrations and tutorials, assignments and more. Gain lifetime access to each course and view contents from any device connected to the internet! See some of our products below or click here to see our full catalogue.

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The Complete Cat Groomer Training Syllabus is the most in-depth cat grooming program available. This is a guided home study program. Each week for 10 weeks, you’ll be provided with a to do list and topics to cover, plus on-going support through a private Facebook group just for students. See more details here.


We have several cat grooming webinars running throughout the year, totally FREE! See our upcoming webinars here.

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Approved Trainers and Certifiers are highly skilled Certified Feline Master Groomers that have been handpicked by the NCGI to offer one-on-one instruction to students. See our list of Trainers & Certifiers.


NCGI attends numerous trade show, seminar and workshop events throughout the year. Check out our Facebook page and email list to see upcoming events. Visit our Facebook page here.

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5 Myths You Should Know About Cat Nail Caps

Myths About Putting Nail Caps on Cats   Myth #1 - Nails Are Prohibited From Retracting Definitely a myth! When cat nails express and then retract, the nail is not going up into the paw itself. When a cat relaxes and retracts the nails, this prevents...

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Things I Learned From a Pomeranian

by Danelle German, CFMG, CFCG I’ve been working on several new lectures this year in preparation for upcoming shows both in the US and abroad.  As I ponder on the topics I want to cover I think of Puff Puff.  Who is Puff Puff, you ask?  Well, he was a toy...

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Mushroom Cats

“You groom cats?”I hear this at least once a week. And it is usually followed by “Don’t cats groom themselves?” I love it when that question is asked.For more than a decade my answer has been: No!Contrary to popular belief, cats do NOT groom themselves.Cats lick...

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Dealing With Problematic Clients

Dealing with Problematic Clients I remember the story told me once by a groomer working at a local boarding facility. The staff at the boarding facility would write the letters “PITA” on a client’s boarding card when the client was problematic - meaning “pain in the...

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How to Get Crispy Leg Lines

I am frequently asked about the placement of leg lines on a lion cut. Is there a right or wrong place to put them? What about blending – should it be done or not? And how do you get all four leg lines straight and symmetrical? When I first developed the...

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Ashley Moon: Interview with a CFMG

Tell us about your pet grooming background. Since I was a young girl I have always loved dogs and cats. Here is the journey that has led me to where I am today: My first job in the pet grooming industry was when I was 14 years old. I was hired as a dog...

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The Pros and Cons of House Call Cat Grooming

The Pros and Cons of House Call Cat Grooming "House call” refers to a groomer who performs grooming services inside the client’s home. Many pet owners, especially cat owners, prefer this type of service in order to provide a low stress and familiar...

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How to Turn a Naysayer Into a Client

How to Turn a Naysayer into a Client First published in Purrfect Pointers Spring 2016, learn from NCGI's Danelle German the 6 super easy action steps to turn naysayers into YOUR clients. Each of these action steps are things you can begin doing today! Just...

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Facebook for Grooming Businesses

Are your Facebook page likes turning into appointments? Do you get frustrated with boosted posts not making any impact? We hear you! While Facebook is the most popular social media platform, it is constantly changing and can be difficult to...

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How Specific Tools Can Improve Your Cat Grooming Results

August Answers with Danelle   Every Wednesday during August 2018, Danelle shared answers to commonly asked cat grooming questions on the NCGI's Facebook page! You can check out the recorded FB Live videos and the resources mentioned for each below.  Week 5:...

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