Here’s How I Got 500 Cat Clients on a 6-8 Week Schedule and How That Has Created Revenue Beyond My Wildest Dreams!


Working less and making more is the best Cat Grooming secret!  Join us as CFMG, Connie Buchanan shares the strategies her salon PreZoomably Cats: Feline Groomz & Roomz has implemented to keep the cats coming through the doors.
Connie asks, “Are you ‘Feline Adventurous’?”  If so join me on my journey and I will walk you through how we achieved a wondrous feline clientele and how we keep them coming back.  We will take a good look at the numbers and the impact of a successful cat grooming business.  This seminar will include some ideas for building client relationships and tips on promotional concepts and the use of social media.
Get the Cat Clientele Conquer Kit FREE during the live webinar!

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