Have you been joining us for our Slow Season Challenge 2019? We are at the half way point, and have included over 3 hours of video clips in the Members group, plus an additional 30min video in the CFMG group!

So far we have covered tips to help you with Networking & Growth, Getting Organized and this week’s Improving Your Skills. You can join at any time to see all recorded videos and join the upcoming lives! We also had cat grooming, finance and business coach Mandi Gorton with Savvy Groomer join us for this morning’s live video, plus we have several other guests planned as well.

The next two week’s tips will cover Setting Yourself Apart From the Competition and The Nitty Gritty of Your Business, make sure you join us live in the NCGI Members group, or watch the recorded videos in both the Facebook group and in the Member Benefits library.

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