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I was one of those groomers who only did a cat if it was “nice” or had been groomed before, and I’d only offer lion cuts or nail trims and never fully dry – Fast forward to now …still learning but my confidence is way way way up! I now take on all cats when the owners come my way, even those the owner wants to stop getting sedated and try a groomer willing to attempt without. I feel less frustrated and more educated. I know the grooms are not perfect to where I want them to be some days yet but I’m growing and now offer most cat grooming services except the comb cuts since I lack a clipper vac. I even have personally bought a secondary dryer to help get cats drier with less stress. I went from trying to get out of grooming most cats to now preferring cats over the dogs.


I wish this kind of information was around when I had cats as clients who I thought were the spawn of satin….. reading on how to properly restrain , if I knew back then what I know now… grooming experiences would’ve been a whole lot better.  


I’ve been able to shorten my times significantly since starting classes. I was able to get two aggressive cats done (one bath and one lion cut) done in one hour. The first kitty was one everyone has kicked out because she was too aggressive. I was able to keep her mostly calm and she only attempted to bite once but I was able to get her to relax and finish her. I’m pretty proud of myself


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