NCGI Instructor & Certifier Lynn Paolillo was a guest on a recent podcast episode with industry leaders Mary Quendo and Chris Anthony! Click below to hear the full episode, here are some highlights of this episode:

04:50 – Discussing 1-star reviews
17:50 – Taking care of your body and “healthy” food tips
30:35 – The differences in dogs vs. cats
36:51 – Targeting a specific clientele
42:00 – Lynn’s requirements for her cat salon
50:00 – Controversial cat grooming topics
61:37 – Cat Whiskers: their use and location
63:02 – Towels and tips for drying
68:51 – Additional cat grooming tips
72:51 – Stud tail and degreasing products
74:45 – The ‘one-up’ stories round!
Make sure to stay tuned to the end for a final tip from Mary!

Shout-outs to Forever Stainless SteelThera-Clean Inc. and Chubbs Bars being mentioned in this episode too!

Thank you again for having me on The Traveling Groomers Podcast, I had a great time!

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