August Answers with Danelle

Every Wednesday during August 2018, Danelle shared answers to commonly asked cat grooming questions on the NCGI’s Facebook page. You can check out the recorded FB Live video below.

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Week 3: 

What to Say When Clients Don’t Want Their Cat Bathed



The Question:
Do you offer cat grooming without a bath for clients that don’t want to pay for the bath option or think their cat cannot handle it?
The Answer:
Do you ever have cat clients wanting a groom without the bath?
Be sure to watch this week’s episode of “August Answers to Cat Grooming Question” to find out exactly what to say when a client doesn’t want their cat to get a bath. Discover key points to get clients off the bath thing and on to the groom schedule. We’ll even give you a free phone script cheat sheet to use!
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