August Answers with Danelle


Every Wednesday during August 2018, Danelle shared answers to commonly asked cat grooming questions on the NCGI’s Facebook page! You can check out the recorded FB Live videos and the resources mentioned for each below.


Week 5: How specific tools can improve your cat grooming results

The Question:
I am fairly new to cat grooming, and honestly it’s not something I’m sure I want to do because I’m embarrassed about the results. It’s hit or miss to even be able to finish the groom on a cat. People seem to be ok with it though because it’s a cat, but I want the results to be better. I’ve seen some of your photos, and I love the results! Is there something I can do to improve?
That’s the question we received. Can you relate?
Join us for the final episode of August Answers to Cat Grooming Questions to find out how some very specific tools can improve your cat grooming results and take away the uncertainty, embarrassment, or frustration that is often a part of cat grooming.

Additional Resources Mentioned in the Video:

Chubbs Bars! Gentle, de-greasing shampoo bars originally invented by Danelle for cats, but great on all pets!

Dive deeper! Check out the free webinar: 3 Biggest Mistakes Groomers Make When Grooming Cats (and how not to make them!)

The NCGI Blog – tons of articles, videos, resources and much more right here on the National Cat Groomers Institute website.

Check out this live video with Danelle: Which Clippers and Blades Will Work Best on Cat Hair?

Get a list of Must Have’s and Get Later’s in tools and equipment, and the reasons why at Why This and Not This?

NCGI Membership – our HUGE Member Benefits library includes salon layouts, floor plans, equipment lists, interviews with amazing cat groomers in their own spaces, and more articles and recorded seminars than we can count! Join the NCGI today!

Tired of once-a-year shave downs on matted cats?

Tired of once-a-year shave downs on matted cats? Is it possible to get those same clients on a 4-6 week schedule? We know it is based on our experience as well as that of our many students around the world. To get started turning once-a-year cat clients into regular clients with no more matted messes to deal with, check out this week's episode of "August Answers to Cat Grooming Questions." Find out the 3 things you can do now to stop OAY shave downs!

Posted by National Cat Groomers Institute on Wednesday, August 22, 2018
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