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It can be challenging to Groom Cats but because it’s challenging, it’s also highly rewarding & lucrative. The NCGI provides the training needed to make you a badass cat groomer hero everyone raves about.

Cat Grooming Shouldn’t Be Hard.

Stop guessing how to groom cats. Stop feeling unsafe.

You don’t have to groom cats for such a cheap price. 

You CAN be proud of your work!

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With proven skills & methods, you’ll be able to groom even the “impossible” cats by yourself..

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Because cat groomers make more per hour than dog groomers, you’ll be able to cut work hours while making more.

Improve Your Business

The business modules in our program equip you to create a better business and be a better manager..

We know what it’s like to wing it!

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to be the worlds #1 resource for cat groomer education

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100’s of success stories

I thought my cat grooms were decent and getting torn apart was normal. The NCGI training taught me I was wrong. Getting my CFMG title has opened so many doors. It has taught me better business management and how to have much better client relationships. I always struggled with a lack of confidence when trying to tell clients what their cat needed or how much it would cost.

Now, I never mention the price. I tell them what I’m going to do rather than ask for their opinion. I am the expert! I truly love my work as a feline-exclusive groomer. Business is booming. The investment in myself was more than worth it!

Sarah Warner, Brisbane QLD

Aristocats Feline Day Spa

 had gone to a grooming academy prior to finding the NCGI and graduated not being any better at cat grooming than I was before I went. I had no knowledge, no practice, no confidence, but the clients and the expectations were rolling in!

After discovering the NCGI, I decided to try this “cat grooming thing” even though I was discouraged after my first attempt at receiving cat grooming “education.”

Admittedly, I was skeptical at first, but time and time again NCGI proved itself right. I went from being afraid to start each grooming day to being excited to see what kind of cats I will get each day. In hindsight, it seems silly…I’ve always loved cats so much it’s like, duh. Of course I would end up as a cat groomer, but I could not have done it without NCGI. You guys are the reason that I now have a career (and a calling!). I was put on this earth to groom kitties!

Jasmine Conrad, Ames, IA

Suite Whiskers

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Stop guessing what you need to know and do to become a confident cat groomer getting awesome results

It can be challenging to groom cats but because it’s challenging, it is also highly rewarding and lucrative. The NCGI provides the training needed to make you the badass cat grooming hero everyone talks about.

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At National Cat Groomers Institue we know that you want to be the badass hero every cat owner needs. In order to do that, you need confident cat grooming with beautiful results. The problem is you don’t yet have the knowledge and skills to be a confident cat groomer that can make the best decisions for each and every groom. You are feeling unsure of what you need to know and do. We believe the path to awesome cat grooming should never be paved with guesswork. 

We understand what it’s like to not have any useful information or to have only bad (and often dangerous) information to follow, which is why we are continually making sure we are the world’s #1 resource for cat groomer education.

Here’s what you do: 

  1. Buy the Complete Cat Groomer Training Syllabus 
  2. Join the private Facebook group: “Cat Grooming Simplified”
  3. Get Certified

So buy the Syllabus now, and in the meantime, register for this free webinar, so you can stop guessing, feeling unsafe or missing out on this incredible revenue stream and instead become a bold, fearless hero to appreciative clients and benefit from elite status as a CFMG.

Register now for the FREE webinar “The Three Biggest Mistakes Groomers Make When Grooming Cats (and how NOT to make them!)

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