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The NCGI is an international cat groomer organization providing training, education & certification.

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We have online courses, books, DVDs, webinars, hands-on training and more to improve your cat grooming techniques and business.

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The National Cat Groomers Institute was formed in May 2007 for the purpose of setting and maintaining cat grooming standards, providing real-life training, and awarding certification to those that wish to take certification exams.

The NCGI is the only feline-specific groomers’ association to offer such extensive training and certification to people around the globe, whether they are already working within the pet grooming industry or they are simply looking for a new career.

Cat grooming provides a very niche and lucrative business opportunity worldwide with very little start up costs, rapid training process, and extraordinary earning potential.


Our goal as a professional organization is to offer the best possible products, education and services for cat groomers of all experience levels. It is possible to groom cats safely, efficiently and with a beautiful finish. Let us show you how! We also have a number of business growth tools available to help you build a successful cat grooming business and clientele!


The certification process is meant to be challenging, but also rewarding. Each Certified Feline Master Groomer has demonstrated mastery of a variety of cat grooming techniques, handling skills, grooming services and knowledge. The process includes 4 written exams and 5 in-person practical exams. The NCGI’s products and certification are the most in-depth and through cat grooming programs available anywhere in the world. Get started today!




We have helped hundreds of cat grooming students all over the world, from every possible background and experience level. Whether you are an experienced groomer of 20 years, or this is your first introduction to the cat grooming industry, we are here to help you achieve your goals!

Hover over, read the descriptions below and click on the one that best describes you to get personalized recommendations for the next step in your cat grooming journey!


Brand new to the industry! Is cat grooming for me? Is it possible to have a career and making money doing this?


Not quite sure if this is for me, I’m interested in checking out a few things to see if this program is what I’m looking for. I may (or may not) already be a member of the NCGIA.


Already grooming cats, but maybe there’s a better way? A safer way, with better results and earning more money!



I have cat grooming clients already, but they mostly come once a year or when their cats are matted messes! How can I get them on better schedules?


Boot Camper

This is definitely for me! What is my next step to get certified and become an awesome cat groomer??



Elephant Eater

I’m overwhelmed! I’m interested in learning more about cat grooming, but I have a super busy work/life schedule and I’m just not sure how I can get everything done!



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Can I Make Money Grooming Cats?

Definitely! Cat grooming is a booming, but still niche, market in the grooming industry. Premium service offered = premium prices paid!

Check out our free webinar, How to Make $144/hr Grooming Cats to learn more about how you can increase your bottom line.

I’m Already a Groomer, How Can I Improve My Cat Grooms?

We have a variety of resources available for groomers at every stage of their career. Need help with handling or working with challenging cats? Check out our article on Fractious Felines, Get a Grip DVD, the Handling Techniques for Cat Groomers book, or the Grooming the Aggressive Cat online course.

Join us at our next session of our FREE webinar, the 3 Biggest Mistakes Groomers Make When Grooming Cats (and how not to make them!)

The Complete Cat Groomer Training Syllabus is perfect for groomers who want to get a kick start to their instruction. We also have a team of Approved Trainers and Certifiers available around the world who offer private hands-on instruction for students.

How Do I Become A Certified Cat Groomer

The certification process includes signing up for membership with the NCGI, passing 4 written exams and mastering the grooming elements over 5 practical exams. Start your journey by signing up for membership.

We highly recommend students go through the Complete Cat Groomer Training Syllabus before attempting exams. This entire program covers cat grooming from A to Z and will help you prepare for both your written and hands-on portions.

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