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We have a variety of study materials that have been used by thousands of students to improve their cat grooming skills and knowledge. See some of our products below or click here to see our full catalogue.

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Each of our online courses comes jam-packed with a variety of resources including lectures, articles, video demonstrations and tutorials, assignments and more. Gain lifetime access to each course and view contents from any device connected to the internet! See some of our products below or click here to see our full catalogue.

Syllabus Program

The Complete Cat Groomer Training Syllabus is the most in-depth cat grooming program available. This is a guided home study program. Each week for 10 weeks, you’ll be provided with a to do list and topics to cover, plus on-going support through a private Facebook group just for students. See more details here.


We have several cat grooming webinars running throughout the year, totally FREE! See our upcoming webinars here.

Private Instruction

Approved Trainers and Certifiers are highly skilled Certified Feline Master Groomers that have been handpicked by the NCGI to offer one-on-one instruction to students. See our list of Trainers & Certifiers.


NCGI attends numerous trade show, seminar and workshop events throughout the year. Check out our Facebook page and email list to see upcoming events. Visit our Facebook page here.

See Some of Our Blog Articles

Relax. It’s Just Cat Grooming – Episode 1

Hey there! Thanks for joining me for Relax. It’s Just Cat Grooming. I’m Lynn, your host and Instructor with the National Cat Groomers Institute. This is the show where we answer your burning questions about grooming cats and running a successful business doing it.  In...

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Why Shave in Reverse?

  The world’s educational and certification organization for cat groomers teaches reverse shaving on cats for a variety of reasons. Some of these can be found in the following article “Crispy Legs.” In addition to the points made in the blog post article, it is...

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Displaying Nail Caps in Your Cat Grooming Salon

Nail caps are a great option to offer in your cat grooming salon. They provide a humane alternative to declawing, can be attractive to many clients, and are a profitable add-on for your business!The best way to promote this add-on is to display the caps or...

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Grooming Services at a Cat Spa

So you live with a cat, or two (or three) and there’s cat hair everywhere! It’s on your clothes, your bed, the living room furniture, the kitchen counter…….pretty much everywhere.  And your cat is shredding the furniture with his claws. Or maybe you just got a...

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But What If They Bite?

By Gracee Owen, CFMG, Certifier of Upstate Meow in Greenville, SC and Lynn Paolillo, CFMG, CFCG, Certifier of Cat Naps Cattery in Hamilton, NJ Picture this: It is a new day with a new cat client scheduled! Ready to get this show on the, you reach into the...

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Setting Yourself Apart From The Competition

Get a sneak peek into what's been going on in the NCGI Member group this month during our Slow Season Challenge. NCGI Instructor/Certifier Lynn Paolillo changes how getting certified completely changed not only her cat grooming skills, but her confidence...

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Schedule a Refresher to Improve Your Cat Grooming

Whether you are certified, have been grooming cats for a number of years, or are fairly new to cat grooming - a refresher is a quick way to get some in-depth help from a fellow cat groomer or Approved Trainer/Certifier. Scheduling a 1 or 2 day refresher is...

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Stepping Up Your Game with the Slow Season Challenge

Have you been joining us for our Slow Season Challenge 2019? We are at the half way point, and have included over 3 hours of video clips in the Members group, plus an additional 30min video in the CFMG group! So far we have covered tips to help you with...

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The Benefits of Networking

Week 1 of our Slow Season Challenge has just wrapped up, including 7 days of live videos on Networking & Growth. We've been getting tons of great feedback on these videos, and we still have another 24 days to go! This week in Networking & Growth,...

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Join the Slow Season Challenge of January 2019

Phew! That was a crazy holiday season, wasn’t it? Hopefully it was profitable and as low stress for you as possible. Grooming being a seasonal business means there’s something dreaded about to start…. the Slow Season! But never fear, this is a perfect time...

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