Find A Cat Groomer

Search for a cat groomer near you by using the directory pictured below. The icon in the upper right corner will expand the map view.

Please note: We recommend CFMGs (Certified Feline Master Groomers) as they have passed the nine exams to earn certification. Those that are simply members may be working toward certification or they may be brand new to grooming cats. 

The distinctions are as follows:
Certified Feline Master Groomers have completed a rigorous exam process demonstrating mastery in both knowledge and skill.
Certified Feline Creative Groomers are CFMGs who have also completed certification in creative styling.
Approved Trainers are CFMGs who have been invited to our Certifier program to train cat grooming students.
Certifiers are CFMGs who provide instruction and can administer certification exams to cat grooming students.

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