Aggressive Cat Bundle



Aggressive Cat Grooming Bundle

Struggle with feisty kitties? Focus your cat grooming skills with our exclusive “Aggressive Cat Grooming Bundle.” Carefully curated, this bundle combines three of our most sought-after online courses: “Cat Grooming Basics,” “Grooming the Aggressive Cat” and “Get a Grip.”

Cat Grooming Basics: A perfect starting point for beginners or a refresher for seasoned groomers, this course covers all the fundamentals of cat grooming. From understanding cat behavior to mastering the art of grooming, you’ll gain a comprehensive overview of the essentials.

Grooming the Aggressive Cat: This course tackles one of the most challenging aspects of cat grooming – dealing with aggressive felines. Learn specialized techniques and approaches to groom cats that may be more difficult to handle, ensuring safety and comfort for both you and the cat.

Get a Grip: Enhance your grooming skills with our exclusive module focused on handling techniques. “Get a Grip” offers in-depth training on how to securely and comfortably manage cats during grooming, reducing stress for both the groomer and the pet.

For a limited time these courses are designed to boost your confidence and competence in handling a wide range of grooming scenarios.

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