One of the most common questions we get asked at NCGI is about how to know when and how to handle cats, without making the situation worse. NCGI President/Founder Danelle German addresses the “wrestle vs. groom” question and how to improve your cat grooming handling skills in this recent Facebook Live video.

Want to learn more about handling cats?

Get a Grip DVD – This video is chock full of tips specifically for handling feisty kitties!

Cat Grooming Basics online course – Handling is much more than knowing a variety of techniques, it begins with background knowledge and understanding how this information affects your and subsequently the cat’s behavior.

Handling Techniques for the Cat Groomer – A pictorial guide to a huge variety of handling techniques. Lap grooming? Table grooming? Front legs? Back legs? Belly? We’ve got you covered!

Fractious Felines – This article by Danelle discusses her favorite tips and tricks for grooming aggressive cats.

The Lion Cut online course – Getting the cat into position is only one part of the equation. Learn how to improve your haircuts, speed and efficiency in this lion cut online course filled with videos and step-by-step tutorials.

The Bath: Why and How online course and Kryptonite for Cats – both discuss and demonstrate the power of a bath!

Here Kitty Kitty DVD – Get a great overview of cat grooming knowledge and techniques in this video, filmed live at Hershey Groom Expo as Danelle demonstrates both a full groom (bath and blow dry) and lion cut.

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