Kitten Customer Brochures


Promote your business and educate your clients. Great for giving to first-time clients, those that don’t listen to your rebook instructions, or for handing out at veterinarian offices, other grooming salons, and more!


Kittens are not only enjoyable to groom, but are also ideal candidates for getting used to regular grooming. Part of becoming the cat grooming expert to these clients is providing them with education so that their cat builds a positive relationship with the groomer.

This brochure covers the importance of starting grooming early, alternatives to de-clawing surgery, and additional tips for the new cat owner.

Brochures have an open space on the back to include your grooming salon information.

Available in the following quantities:
50 $22.97
100 $36.97
300 $85.97
500 $135.97

NOTE FOR UK CUSTOMERS: Due to changes in UK VAT tax regulations, we will no longer be shipping orders of less than £135. Please make sure your order is at least £135 not counting shipping costs to avoid cancellation of your order.

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