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By joining the National Cat Groomers Institute of America, Inc., you are taking an active role to grow and promote the education of cat grooming around the globe. Our goal as an organization is to provide you the resources, training and support to not only elevate your knowledge and techniques, but to also help educate cat owners.

The NCGIA is the original feline-specific groomers’ association to ever be formed. It has quickly grown into an international organization with members from all over North America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and South America. We exist to serve professional cat groomers around the world.

We also offer certification for cat groomers to achieve and demonstrate their abilities, by earning the title of “Certified Feline Master Groomer.” The NCGIA is the first organization to provide a high standard of excellence in the cat grooming industry and we are proud to continue to push this industry forward with innovative products,  training platforms, seminar events, and more.  Sign up today and join the cat grooming revolution!

Note: Annual renewal of membership is required to maintain CFMG title. See “CFMG Membership Renewal” for policy details.

For those who have completed 1 or more certification exams but not yet earned their CFMG title (‘certification in progress’ status), membership must be maintained to keep the benefit of completed exam scores. Should a member choose to let their membership expire while certification is in progress and then decide later to continue with the certification process, they will need to start over by signing up as a new member and pay the new member $60 fee for the first year. They can then choose between the following two options:
A. Start from the beginning with the exam process to retake any previously passed exams, or
B. Pay the file recovery fee of $285 to reinstate all previously passed exams and have their file updated.

The file recovery fee will be invoiced via email when applicable.



3 reviews for New Membership

  1. Laura

    Hello Danelle
    This was my first webinar.  Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation.  It was very informative and well done.

    Cats can certainly be a challenge.  I am very relieved to know there are people like you out there not only teaching humane ways to treat these animals but also educating pet owners.  I hope to register at your school one day and look forward to joining you on future webinar sessions.

    Laura Hall

  2. Beth

    Hi Danelle,
    I attended your webinar on grooming aggressive cats the other night, and lo and behold a new cat I had this afternoon was a difficult kitty.  Apparently she’d been kicked out of two other local grooming shops while she was on calming meds.  So she came to me already on meds because of her former demeanor.
    One thing in particular that I learned during the webinar was to work (at least in part) with the cat on my lap.  Wow, I never realized how much easier that makes some of the work! 

    The other thing I took away from your webinar was the use of the Air Muzzle.  While I don’t have the Air Muzzle anymore (mine somehow disappeared years ago), I do have the half-muzzles they sell (not sure what they’re called).  They work so much better than a regular cat muzzle!  I can’t believe I haven’t used these for cats before. 
    The webinar was SO well worth the time spent.  I had the cat in and out in less than an hour, and she was no problem at all.  The owner was in shock!  : ) 
    Thank you!!!!!

  3. C.A.

    I went to cat grooming school only so that I could learn how give cats the same service that I was giving dogs. I didn’t know that the NCGIA had a FB group. I definitely had no plans to start a business or become feline exclusive. I wasn’t planning to do house-calls. I didn’t even have a car.

    But after I became a CFMG I didn’t want to do anything else.
    C.A. New York

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