I love cats. I always have.

They are such narcissistic creatures, totally full of themselves and doing everything on their own terms. What’s not to like?

I “fell” into cat grooming quite by accident when I obtained a Persian and was invited to show him at a CFA show. Back then I knew nothing about grooming cats. But I did understand the very basic principle that a cat should at least be clean, and it should not have matted hair.  The education I received in the show ring taught me just how to go about that.

It’s so easy really. A regular bath, blow dry and nail trim. Of course there are many more options when the cat isn’t headed for the show ring. A de-shedding treatment, lion cut, comb cut, belly shave, Softpaws, and the ever popular sanitary clip……just to name a few.

Cats do none of the above by themselves. If you think a cat grooms itself, think again!  Licking and professional grooming are. Not. The. Same. Thing. Period.

(I could have saved myself a TON of money if all I needed was my tongue to groom cats. Forget the Forever Stainless Mini Tub, HV dryers, Catty Shack Vac, expensive shampoos, clippers, combs and such. A tongue is all you need!  Ready, set, go! Start licking!)


Here ya go – start licking this. I don’t know the back story on this cat as the photo was submitted by one of our members in Ohio (thank you, Lori!). But I really think the picture says it all.  Imagine this nestled on the bed, next to your pillow. Or basking in the ray of sunshine on the kitchen table. Simply delicious, don’t you think?

What I do know about this particular cat was that it had to suffer a great deal while the pelted encasement of hair was shaved from its body. Very tedious work. I would think that the bath that came afterward was rather soothing and refreshing since the cat’s skin hadn’t been touched in quite some time.

In case you’re wondering, pelts can kill a cat. Yep, it’s true! Notice how the matted hair covers the entire backend of the cat. When that happens, the rectum gets blocked which leads to intestinal blockage, which eventually leads to death. It’s a slow, painful death as the cat essentially rots from the inside out. I can’t think of a better way to die really.

I groomed a cat once that was septic from this exact scenario. Fortunately one of my fabulous, caring clients was willing to save the cat’s life by paying for multiple surgeries and providing regular, ongoing professional grooming care so that it never happened again.

And to think this could all be avoided so easily. Regular bath, blow dry, and nail trim. By an expert who knows what they’re doing. Not all groomers are experts because we are not required to be. But some choose to be experts. Find an expert and use them to avoid problems like this one.


I post this just for fun. What’s not fun about a cat pelt – or “Persian rug” as I like to call them?  I have an entire collection of these.

The only thing this rug needed was a decorative frame to turn it into a true work of art. The other half of this pelt – the cat part – went home naked but with cute little “go go boots,” a puff of hair at the end of his tail, and most of the hair on his head still intact. The raw sores on his body eventually healed.

Bath, blow dry, nail trim. By an expert. Easy.

Need some help getting clients off the neglect cycle and onto a regular maintenance groom schedule?

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