The Way Things Can Be

This is the final post in the Grossness Series.  Because I want it all to end on a good note.

There doesn’t have to be any grossness.  Cats don’t have to be dirty and smelly and matted and pelted and covered in icky things. There is a better way! And it’s so easy.

Bath, blow dry, nail trim – on a regular basis and done by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Remember, not all groomers know what they are doing. The pet grooming industry remains unregulated, meaning each and every pet groomer is left to figure out how they’re going to figure it out. Some groomers attend a grooming school. Some learn from a mentor. Some learn by trial and error. And some don’t learn much of anything.  It’s up to the pet owner to find a reputable groomer. When it comes to handling and grooming cats, the choices are minimal.  (We are working on that!)

If you don’t actually care about your cat, at least care about your own reputation. And the cleanliness of your home environment. If a smelly, poopy, matted cat is walking around your house and sleeping on your furniture, it is gross. Plain and simple.

No more excuses. You’ve read this series so now you know. You know there’s a better option for you and your cat. Bath, blow dry, nail trim on a regular basis. What a difference it makes!

Remember this, too…….actions speak louder than words. Groomers know this. So, you see, when you say that you care about your pets yet don’t actually take care of your pets (i.e. preventative grooming maintenance to avoid painful and unsanitary conditions), your groomer knows you are lying. They just don’t say it out loud, in an effort to remain professional and tactful. Since I’m not concerned about that while writing this bluntly honest Grossness series, then I will say it for them. I speak for groomers everywhere: To those pet owners who neglect their pets by allowing the dog or cat to become overgrown, matted and filthy, we KNOW you don’t love your pet. We know you’d rather spend your money on movies and cigarettes and cheeseburgers. We are not fooled. Actions speak louder than words. If you want us to think of you as a loving, caring pet owner, then act like one. It really is very simple.


Why wouldn’t you want your cat to look like this?

Why wouldn’t you want to run your hands through beautifully clean and silky hair?

Finish after bath/blow dry.

Why wouldn’t you want to snuggle up to a cat that actually smelled good – like cloves or cookies or Christmas?

Why wouldn’t you want a happy cat?

Well, it is possible. And now you know.
Call the groomer, schedule a appointment. Follow through with the recommended preventative maintenance plan (average every 6 weeks) and make life better for you and your cat. It is a good thing.

Need some help getting clients off the neglect cycle and onto a regular maintenance groom schedule?

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