August Answers with Danelle


Every Wednesday during August 2018, Danelle shared answers to commonly asked cat grooming questions on the NCGI’s Facebook page. You can check out the recorded FB Live video and the resources mentioned for each below. Be sure to grab a copy of the FREE cheat sheet with tips for converting clients.


Week 4:

3 Things You Can Do Now to Stop Once-a-Year Cat Shavedowns


The Question:
I have so many clients that come every year for that once-a-year-shave down! I hate those types of grooms because the cat looks horrible and it is so aggressive when I try to shave off the pelted fur. How can I get these people to get their cat groomed more often?
The Answer:
Tired of once-a-year shave downs on matted cats?
Is it possible to get those same clients on a 4-6 week schedule? We know it is based on our experience as well as that of our many students around the world. To get started turning once-a-year cat clients into regular clients with no more matted messes to deal with, check out this week’s episode of “August Answers to Cat Grooming Questions.”

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